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Las Vegas Sinners: Katie Kenyhercz

The Book

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Lace up your heart and skate into the turbulent world of the Las Vegas Sinners hockey team, as five handsome, competitive, irresistible athletes discover that love just might be the most intoxicating win of all.

On the Fly: Jacey Vaughn has a newly minted MBA when her father dies unexpectedly and leaves her his NHL team. She knows business, not hockey, but it doesn't take her long to recognize that her flirtation with team captain Carter Phlynn is a danger to her professional reputation. Can she win love and the Stanley Cup, too?

Full Strength: When an injury derails goalie Shane Reese, he takes it badly, and the new team shrink, Allie Kallen, has to help him get his head back on straight. Allie sees through his bravado to the real fear beyond it - and what she sees reminds her of the past she's running from. Falling in love isn't in their plans, but they can't keep their emotions on ice.

Winning Streak: Saralynn Reese's first big assignment …

The Heller Brothers Hockey Series - Kelly Jamieson

These brothers play the game…but the women know the score…
Book 1 - Breakaway (Jase)Book 2 - Faceoff (Tag)Book 3 - One Man Advantage (Logan)Book 4 - Hat Trick – The Hellers are Home for the HolidaysBook 5 - Offside (Matt) 

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Quick Review

I not only have a thing for hockey books, I also have a HUGE thing for series books featuring brothers. This series ticks both those things so was a win/win. A wonderful series, and oh much I wish there was a couple more *unknown* brothers, or maybe a few cousins... LOL


Check out Aces, another series by this author... 

Romance recommendations - Hockey Romance, Catherine Gayle

Recently I discovered Hockey romance. Well, when I say recently what I mean is, that I have always loved romance stories based around hockey, but just the last month or so I have mainlined them like never before.

I also made a decision to support a team. Based purely on the best looking hockey players out there, because, hey I know nothing, and shallow seemed a good place to start, I am now a proud supporter of the Pittsburgh Penguins. When I started following them they lost their first game against the Capitals, and yes, I was thinking *bad luck charm*. Luckily we're now 3-1 up so, yay... *says no more*.

I'm hoping to feature some of my favorite hockey romance authors on here, but meanwhile I  thought I'd start collating some recommendations. I wont rate them out of five or anything like that, I just hope my enthusiasm comes through in the short (very short) reviews.

First up is the entire Portland Storm series, by Catherine Gayle. I literally read them back  to back, and…